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I Bring You All Good News, Horny Fuckers!

I have been celebrating and promoting my beloved website, PornDude Casting, for a long time.

You all should be watching and wanking to that smut, but now I have taken on a new pro-nudity undertaking that I want to share with you all.


The Best Porn Aggregators

I have talked about two dozen of the best porn aggregators that link horned-up perverts with the finest fap spaces on the web during my illustrious career. Then one day, when I was beating it to the bodacious butt of a webcam babe, I had a realization just before I came.

"I should make my own webcam website," I shrieked as I sprayed all over the place. Needless to say, the model was more than a little perplexed, though it was a little hard to tell with all of the semen on my screen. Whatever, I didn't care. I was determined to come up with something special.


Why specifically would I do this?

I do want to give back my cum-munity of supporters, and so I think it only makes sense to blend my passion for porn and my talent for design to create even more channels to see online carnality. So, this is what you are going to see.


PD Cams

As is the case with all of my web projects, PDCams.com will look super slick and clean, but of course, the girls you are going to see are dirty and definitely DTMYC: down to make you cum.

But instead of go out on a mass recruiting spree, I'll connect you with the most beautiful babes already broadcasting on established cam sites.


All You Need

Like the best cam sites, you are going to be able to filter between models based on all sorts of sexy characteristics. And I am not holding back, either.

You can sort through girls by their hair color, bust, body type, and the status of their pubes, to name a few tools. In addition to single models, I'll also be hosting links to the streams of couples and groups of performers for ya'll to goon out to.

And for all of you lads and ladies who like performers who are working with an extra leg between their lower extremities, yeah, I'll have links to lads and ladies of the tranny type. ;)


Dozen of My Favorite Cam Companies

If you are wondering which cam platforms you are going to be seeing, I am networking with a dozen of my favorite cam companies, such as Cam Soda. You know, the place in cyberspace that the gorgeous Gianna Michaels cams on?

Others I am networking with include Flirt4Free, Bonga Cams, and Strip Chat. And naturally, you'll be linked to the crazy number of carnal chicks on Chaturbate.

Just be careful how fast you spend your coins, eh?

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